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We aim to lessen the amount of times foster and adopted youth experience disruption in their living situations.  



We understand that many parents are unaware of the numerous resources available to support them within their community.


Family Engagement

Building a strong support network is essential for foster and adoptive families. We recognize the importance of connecting families who share… similar experiences.


Many foster and adopted children face trust issues with adults. Our professional coaching services aim to improve behaviors and relationships… within the family dynamic.


 To sustain and expand our organization in Utah, Foster and Adopt Success engages in various fundraising initiatives.

The teenage years can be extra challenging for families who adopt or foster children. It is during this phase that many disruptions to stable living situations occur for these children. Even families who have adopted children from a young age can encounter extra behavioral issues during the teenage years that may surpass those faced by families with biological children. Sadly, these difficulties too often lead to family breakdowns at a higher rate compared to other age periods. 



To improve the lives and outcomes of children who have experienced foster care and/or adoption by providing them, and their families, engagement opportunities, support, resources, coaching, and clinical services.





That every child who has experienced foster care and/or adoption can have a stable, secure, and lasting home. That they, and their families,  can have access to services and support that help them overcome challenges associated with bringing a child into their home. That we can improve outcomes for these amazing, resilient, children.







Lori Cox, our founder, first went into state care after being abandoned in Utah at the age of 2. After 2 subsequent failed adoptions and 5 foster homes, she found her "forever family" with her mother Susan at the age of 15.  Lori started Foster and Adopt Success both in memory of her late mother, and to because she wants to help families gain the tools, services, and resources needed to support their children through challenging times. 


Whether you are just bringing a child into your home through foster care or adoption. or you adopted a child when they were young and they are now, many years later, experiencing new challenges, we are here to help.

If you are raising children who are not biologically yours; grandparents raising grandchildren, foster care, international or domestic adoption, or kinship care we are here to help you and your family succeed. 

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